Mary & Gregory

November 5, 2016

Hello Friends and Family!

Welcome to Mary & Gregory's honeymoon registry!


Dishes and towels- we have a few,

so instead we ask a favor of you,

help to make a wish come true!

A wish to see more-

Adventures we adore,

from the mountains to the shore,

Any gift you can afford,

rest assured,

it will be adored!




Help us get to a Las Vegas where we pick up our rental car. We drive from Las Vegas through Death Valley and into California. We are headed for Yosemite National Park!!!

Remaining: 6


Give the gift of a night in a bed and breakfast. I am sure we will need to recover from all the hiking and camping at some point.

Remaining: 12


We want to see and do as much as we can while we are in such a beautiful National Park. 

Remaining: 2

Dinner and Drinks

Buy us a few drinks or dinner a night.

Remaining: 3


After all the camping and hiking a massage will much appreciated. 

Remaining: 6

Walkin' Around Money

A few dollars for all the extras and stuff in between...

Remaining: 43