Alyssa & Zachary

June 13, 2015

Thank you so much for visiting our honeymoon registry page! We couldn't be more excited to share the experience of our wedding and honeymoon memories with our friends and family. While your presence and support of our marriage is the best gift we could ask for, we have set up this page in place of a typical wedding registry. We already have many of the things newly weds need to get started in life, so we are asking our guests to help give us the gift of our honeymoon. Any gift towards the memories we'll make on our first trip as a married couple will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! We look forward to seeing you all on the big day, June 13, 2015!!



Ideally, we'd be staying in a cozy dorm room in the Hogwarts Castle, but a cozy, comfortable Marriot will have to take its place.

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We're flying out of Columbus (although we'd rather travel by TARDIS or broomstick) to Orlando.

Remaining: 17

Disney and Harry Potter World

We are excited to visit Diagon Alley in the new section of Harry Potter World, where we will be indulging in wizarding world sweets, too much Butterbeer, and possibly the purchase of new wizarding robes (we have to look good on our first day back to Hogwarts on September 1st). We will also be spending time at the magical Disney Parks. 

Remaining: 12

Discovery Cove

We will be spending our honeymoon swimming with dolphins, snorkeling with tropical fish and (de-barbed) stingrays! (The bride is determined to find a sea turtle to ride on the back of, too.) Sea World is also on the agenda, and of course

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Fine Dining

Anyone who knows us knows that we love to eat. Most of the time we're those annoying health nuts who complicate even the simplest dining experience. However, we do enjoy a good pizza and ice cream every now and then, and we plan on indulging on our honeymoon! :-)

Remaining: 15


Honeymooning can be hard work, right? We plan to get a couple's massage to relax after a hard week of vacationing.

Remaining: 14