How To Create A Personal Wedding Website URL

In 8 steps and less than 5 minutes you will have your own custom domain

These days just about all weddings have a website for their guests that they usually include with the invites. Since not all couples have the savvy to create their own wedding website from scratch they use a site like The Knot. These sites are great for quickly creating nice looking wedding websites. If you don't already have a wedding website I would create one now. This guide won't be useful if you don't already have a wedding website. After creating your website though you have a problem when you want to tell people about your wedding website or honeymoon registry because the URL is not custom to your wedding. The URL will inevitably contain the website's name in it. That is why we here at HoneymoonReg created a guide to show you an easy way to create a custom URL for your wedding website or honeymoon registry. This way you can have on your invites instead of . Some of these wedding websites allow you to purchase a domain through them. If you do though they will be more expensive, you won't have full control, and you won't get the bonus of a custom email address with your wedding address in it.

Step 1

Head to the best place on the internet to buy a domain name. In the box in the middle of the page type the domain you would like to buy and press search. In this example we chose

Search For Wedding Domain

Step 2

Hopefully the domain you picked is available. If it is not you will sadly have to search again to find one that isn't taken that you like. If it is available though add the domain to your cart and press the orange View Cart button

Find a wedding domain

Step 3

Once you are looking at your cart click the Confirm Order button

URL in Cart

Step 4

You will now need to either log in or more likely create an account. Follow the process of creating an account and finishing your purcahse. Once you have completed your purchase you should see a screen like the one below. Press the orange Manage My Account button.

Completed Domain Purchase

Step 5

This will bring you to a screen like the one below. Click the view link next to the Number of domains in your account line

Your NameCheap Account

Step 6

You will now want to click on your new domain name underneath the DOMAIN NAME table in the center of the page.

Your Purchased Domains

Step 7

Now in the column towards the left underneath Host Management you will want to click the All Host Records link

Manage Honeymoon Domain

Step 8

This is the final step. Under Host Name for the @ and the www you will want the IP Address / URL to be your wedding website. For example if you are hosted at The Knot. For our example it would be You will then want to change the dropdown menus to both be URL Frame.

If you would like to have to direct to your HoneymoonReg then type registry in the box under SUB-DOMAIN SETTINGS and then the URL to your registry in the box next to it. Then select URL Frame from the drop down menu like pictured below.

Forward To Wedding Website

You are done! Unless you would like to have a custom wedding email address as well, check out the Bonus Step. It can take up to an hour for your new domain to actually direct to your wedding website so be patient. If you would like any help setting this up you can email us at

If you need more help then here is a video from showing how to perform this process.

Bonus Step

After setting up your personal wedding URL you can also create a custom wedding email for all your wedding email matters. Click on the E-mail Forwarding Setup link on the left side of the page. Then set up as many email addresses as you want and you can have them all forward to your normal E-Mail address.

Wedding Email Forwarding

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