The Ultimate Custom Honeymoon Checklist

After your wedding we know you will have very little time and energy left to focus on packing for your honeymoon. That is why we at HoneymoonReg have created this handy tool to make sure you don't forget anything important. This basic one has a list of all the things you may need for your honeymoon. You can make it your own by removing or adding things as needed.

Honeymoon Essentials

Airline Tickets

If you forget these you are definitely starting the honeymoon off on the wrong foot

Passport/Driver's License

Another extreme necessity, no drinking if you can't prove you are of age! :P

Credit Cards

You will probably also want to give your credit card company a heads up that you will be out of town. You don't want your card being shut down because they think your out of town purchases are fraudulent charges.


If you forget these your trip could be pretty miserable.


Phone chargers, camera chargers, tablet chargers, GPS chargers. Make sure you have all the chargers for the electronics you are bringing.

Bug Repellent

Bug bites can ruin an otherwise perfect honeymoon.


A great distraction on the plane ride to help make the flight a little more bearable.


You will want to capture some of these memories for you and your spouse to look over many years later.


You may want a small backpack to carry around travel items.


If you are going somewhere it may be rainy, this is a necessity.


If your are going somewhere cold you don't want to be freezing your bum off.


If you are going to a tropical resort you will definitely want multiple. You will be basically living in your suit.

Classy Shoes

Ladies will want their sexiest heels, men will want to bring their fanciest dress shoes.

Comfortable Shoes

You will probably walking around a lot and don't want to be doing that in your heels.


If you are going somewhere sunny you don't want to be sidelined with a bad burn.


Not even your new spouse wants to kiss you with morning breath.


Unless you are going for the honeymoon baby you will want this

Razors and shaving cream

You don't want to be prickly when snuggling up close to your honey

Contact-lens solution, Contacts, and Glasses

Losing a contact early in your honeymoon would be detrimental. You will want to see all of the beautiful sights, so make sure you have back up contacts and glasses.

Electrical adapter for international destinations

You don't want to remember to bring all of your chargers only to realize you can't plug them in. Make sure to bring the adapter if you heading to destinations outside the US.

Addresses of guests who gave to your HoneymoonReg

Keep these addresses handy so you can send some post cards to the guests who made this honeymoon possible.

Photocopies of passports, IDs, and credit cards

Print out two copies of each. Keep one with you and leave one back at the hotel. That way if you lose your purse you have the information to get the replacements

Travel insurance

You will want to get travel insurance to ensure you are covered if something unfortunate happens. Print out a copy of it to bring with you.