Is safe and secure for me and my guests?

HoneymoonReg is safe and secure for you and your guests. We utilize strong encryption similar to what is used on banking and finance websites.

Will the HoneymoonReg logo be plastered on my registry?

Absolutely not! The only way that your guests would even know that you got your honeymoon registry from HoneymoonReg is the domain name. We wanted to make sure that your registry was as a personal as possible with absolutely no promotion of the HoneymoonReg brand on your actual registry.

How do I set up travel arrangements?

HoneymoonReg will not be doing any of the travel booking. You will do all of the booking yourself and use the money you receive through HoneymoonReg to fund that travel.

Can we have other registries with our HoneymoonReg?

Yes, you most definitely can! The majority of couples have a more traditional registry along with their HoneymoonReg registry. This allows the more traditional guests who are uncomfortable not bringing a physical gift to have a registry to use as an alternative to your HoneymoonReg.

How can we show our guests we used the gifts?

This is where Honeymoon Updates comes in. Honeymoon Updates is like a personal Honeymoon blog for you and your significant other to use while on or after your Honeymoon. Take pictures of you using your guest's gifts and then create a blog displaying pictures and telling your guests how much fun you had because of them. After you create these blog posts you can automatically email all of your guests alerting them that you have posted a new Honeymoon Update.

Will the less technical savvy guests have trouble?

HoneymoonReg was designed from the beginning with non technical savvy guests in mind. We made sure that the whole process was extremely simple. With simple drop down menus to select the gifts and minimal amount of buttons and options. This keeps your guests focused without too many buttons or links to press that may get them confused or side tracked.
After creating your registry you can go through the whole process and see how simple it is yourself. We actually recommend that you do go through the process yourself just to make sure your PayPal is set up correctly and working as planned.
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