Fully Customizable Honeymoon Registry

Create a custom honeymoon registry

Allow your guests to give you something you really want, a spectacular honeymoon

How does it work?

  • Create a honeymoon registry which is like a traditional registry except it is filled with honeymoon activities instead of gifts
  • Upload photos and customize colors to match your wedding colors
  • Choose how you would like to receive your cash gifts.
  • You are finished! Share your registry and begin receiving gifts to help fund the honeymoon of a lifetime!

What people are saying

I love it! It's very easy to navigate and has a simple layout (for the technologically challenged family members). Thank you!
I just made one! So easy. Thank you!
I love the ease of use and how quick it is to set up as well as edit.I also like that we don't have to decide on specific activities for people to buy/sponsor.
Bonus - the font is very similar to what I am using for our invites!

Registry Examples

Keep Track of Gifts

After your registry is live and gifts start rolling in you are able to easily keep track of who gave what. If your registry sells out that is no problem, as the couple you can add more gifts or add more of the sold out gifts. After your special day and honeymoon it is time to write the thank you notes, this where our registry comes in. It can help you keep track of who you have and who you haven't thanked yet.

Keep Your Guests Updated!

With other honeymoon registry sites your guests give you the gift but have no idea if you actually end up using the gift. When a guests contributes to a honeymoon they want the money to actually contribute to what they gave you. With HoneymoonReg you are able to give your guests updates about how your honeymoon is going and show them pictures of them using your gifts. You can create little Honeymoon Updates and automatically email all of the guests who gave you a gift through the registry whenever you make a Honeymoon Update. This allows your guests to see you using the gifts they gave and let them know that you really appreciate the honeymoon they helped fund.

How do I receive my gifts?

We provide two different types of registries each with a different way to receive gifts.
We handle receiving gifts
  • We handle the gift giving
  • Receive a check in the mail after your wedding
  • $0 activation fee
  • A small fee of 9.8% per gift given to cover processing payments for you
  • Extremely easy setup, just create the registry and you are ready to receive gifts
You handle receiving gifts
  • You use your business PayPal or Venmo account to receive gifts
  • Money goes directly to your PayPal or Venmo account as soon as gifts are given
  • Activation fee of $37 to help cover our costs of running the site
  • We do not take a per gift fee, though your business PayPal or Venmo may
  • Easy setup, but if you do not have a business PayPal or Venmo account you will need to set one up
The choice is yours, choose whatever type of registry works best for you!
Honeymoon Reg is a property of TSL Enterprise, LLC
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